For us, adding value simply means making a tangible difference to your development, investment or asset. These are just a few examples of how we’ve done that before.

Deliver faster programmes

On a £4m demolition and new-build 60,000ft2 Primark within a live shopping centre for Land Securities, we accelerated the programme by progressing service diversions and asbestos removal early. As a result, we finished the scheme 5 months early, with £250,000 additional income for the developer.

Improve phasing and buildability

We understand the construction process and how to manage difficult restricted site. We work closely with contractors and subcontractors to deliver the optimum phasing and buildability. On a £15m refurbishment of a Grade 2-listed library, we were able to keep the library open during the refurbishment by instigating an enabling works package to modify the M&E services. As a result, we reduced the programme from two years to 18 months. 

Make designs work harder

We understand what makes a building work, from the right nett:gross ratios, the right circulation or servicing space, the right cladding system (and how much it costs), through to the best M&E services and FF&E. We know that good design adds real value. We work with designers to ensure they get the right support right from the start, avoiding redesign and escalating fees. We always challenge the design to deliver real value.

Value engineering

We believe value engineering should be an ongoing process during design, not a recovery process at the end. This means we challenge the effectiveness and value for money of the complete design at all stages prior to contract. On a recent residential scheme, we saved almost 15% per unit by making the original layouts work harder and delivered the same floor area in a smaller footprint. 

Smart procurement

On a 76-unit housing scheme for Carillion Igloo in Newcastle, we ran an innovative two-stage, two-contractor procurement route to deliver best value. The price was fixed, so contractors competed on most value delivered for that sum. The contract awarded within budget, and through the process we resolved a number of design issues that might have become contract variations.

Challenge over / under-specification

This can be incredibly difficult to spot, and even more difficult is getting the balance right. On a student accommodation project, we identified a gap in the Employer’s Requirements – no maximum room temperature had been set. This is a crucial comfort factor, and one we highlighted to the client. As a result of our due diligence, ventilation was introduced to reduce peak temperatures.

 Challenge planning

On a major retail development, the design development resulted in a scheme that was no longer viable. The obvious area of overspend was the glazed feature roof, designed by a Stirling Prize-winning architect, and much beloved by the planning officers. We recommended an alternative solution, helped negotiate a revised planning consent and saved £12m to bring the project back within budget. 

Innovative design solutions

We have extensive experience in the use of off-site prefabrication methods, which help to increase quality and reduce build times. They are not appropriate in every case, and we can identify which design solutions allow this approach, and tailor the delivery strategy to achieve it. We are currently working on a modular scheme which will deliver 611 student accommodation units in less than 12 months on site.


Take a look at some of the projects we’ve delivered and the value we brought to them.